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Classic New Wave Single of the Day: The Normal’s “T.V.O.D.”

On This Date, April 6th, in 1978: The Normal released its only single, “T.V.O.D.” backed by “Warm Leatherette” – which, at least in the circles I ran in back in the day, was as big a “hit” as the A side. The Normal was really just a solo project by London film student Daniel Miller, who went on to form Mute Records. Distinguished by Miller’s monotone vocals and minimal, electronic beats, both songs deal lyrically with fairly bizarre fetish behaviors. “T.V.O.D” tells of a person who inserts a Television aerial (antennae) into his veins, literally overdosing on TV signals. “Warm Leatherette” – like David Cronenberg’s 1996 film, Crash – is about a guy who gets off by having sex in the aftermath of a fatal car crash. If this post has piqued your curiosity at all, you can download a ringtone of “Warm Leatherette” at this link.

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New Wave Flashback Album of The Day: Silicon Teens’ Music For Parties

Silicon Teens

On this Date in 1980: Silicon Teens released their debut album, Music For Parties. It contained the singles, “Just Like Eddie,” “Memphis, Tennessee,” “Red River Rock” and “Judy In Disguise” – all covers, by the way. The group was the idea of Mute Records creator Daniel Miller and was not a real group. Studio musicians were brought in to play on the records. A group of teenage actors were hired to do the press interviews (though Frank Tovey of Fad Gadget was hired to “play” the lead singer). The “fictional” U.K. mod revivalist group was over by year’s end with one album and four singles. Daniel Miller, by the way, was the lead singer of The Normal (“Warm Leatherette”). I’m pretty sure I have this album on vinyl at home, somewhere.

Flashback Provided by the Nice Boys at The P5 Blogspot: This Day in 80s Music!