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Random Thoughts on Doritos Tacos at Midnight Flavor Chips

Doritos Tacos at Midnight

One of my favorite indulgences when it comes to savory snacks is the Nacho Cheese flavored Doritos chip. A few people I know don’t like the Doritos, because they have “too much seasoning” on them – a complaint which I find kind of unexpected, since these are usually the same people who eat raw jalapenos or order Vindaloo at the Indian restaurant. Spicy! So, go figure. Anyway, the man who restocks our snack machine here in the office of my day gig was here earlier and he left a stash of small, snack-size bags of Doritos chips on the counter: as a kind of seasonal gift, I suppose.  Not being one to want to miss out on a free snack, I grabbed a bag of Doritos chips in a flavor I had never seen before, called “Tacos at Midnight,” because it is no secret that I love tacos. “Tacos at Motherfuckin Midnight,” I thought to myself, as I scampered back to my desk with the tiny bag of chips. “This will either be mysteriously delicious, or possible really not good-tasting at all.” Well, half a bag of chips in my belly later, I am ecstatic to report that Doritos Tacos at Midnight chips are the Atom Bomb of chip snacks. I mean, they really taste like tacos! If only I had some guacamole here to slather upon them, I could surely die a happy girl. For their unique crispiness and delicious taco-y flavor, Doritos Tacos at Midnight Chips receive a Four Star rating from The Worley Gig!

A Few Things That Kept Me From Blowing My Brains Out Last Week

This Week Sucks

Last Week was certainly quite far from being the best week of my very long life. Between the stress of my father being on death’s door out in California, the thundering re-occurrence of my chronic jaw pain and the continually-evolving myriad of daily problems afflicting Worley gig.com, resulting apparently from
1. Moving host servers
2. Updating to the latest version of WordPress (Recommendation: Avoid if possible)
It occurred to me off and on during the week how awesome it would be to just go to sleep and never wake up. Continue reading A Few Things That Kept Me From Blowing My Brains Out Last Week