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Yes, It Exists: Throw Throw Burrito Game

throw throw burrito game front of box photo by gail worley
All Photos By Gail

Whenever I’m shopping at a store like, say, Target, I always stop by the Toys section to see if there’s any weird shit I can photograph and then feature on this website. Of course, there usually is.  This game is called Throw Throw Burrito. I suspect that if you are drunk enough, and enjoy throwing food, this might be a game you would enjoy playing. Let’s find out more.

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Holiday Party Bingo Card

Holiday Bingo Card
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Oh, you know this would be fun to play at any holiday party, especially after a few drinks while playing on onlinebingo.co.uk/new-bingo-sites to practice! Pictured is one of four different cards in this Bingo set created by Jennifer Lewis for Flavorwire. Hilarious.

Thanks to Neatorama for the Tip!