Yes, It Exists: Throw Throw Burrito Game

throw throw burrito game front of box photo by gail worley
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Whenever I’m shopping at a store like, say, Target, I always stop by the Toys section to see if there’s any weird shit I can photograph and then feature on this website. Of course, there usually is.  This game is called Throw Throw Burrito. I suspect that if you are drunk enough, and enjoy throwing food, this might be a game you would enjoy playing. Let’s find out more.

throw throw burrito game back of box photo by gail worley

Throw Throw Burrito comes with these two anthropomorphic Burritos with big acid eyes. Are they cute? Maybe.

throw throw burrito game back of box photo by gail wortley

Described as a combination of card games and dodgeball (sounds fun so far) this “party game unlike any you’ve played before” is approved for ages 7 and up, so it can’t be that difficult for drunk people to get the hang of it. If you’ve ever played Throw Throw Burrito, please share your experience in the comments.

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