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Why Do Some People Hate Cilantro?

Cilantro — sometimes referred to as the Benedict Cumberbatch of Taco Toppings — is one of the most polarizing herbs the planet. But what is it about this little plant that stokes such intense vitriol from some people, while the rest of us can’t get enough? The answer’s in the science! Watch this video and achieve enlightenment as to the root of the Cilantroversy!


Big Bird Sitting on a Park Bench

Big Bird in Central Park
Photo By Gail

Why was Bird Bird sitting alone on this bench in Central Park on Monday, February 20th as we walked through the park from Fifth Avenue to Central Park West, on the way to the Not My President’s Day anti-Drumpf Rally? I bet I know. To make a donation to PBS here in NYC, you can visit This Link.