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Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Pedicab

pink pedicab in london photo by gail worley
Photo By Gail

On my wonderful summer vacation in London, I noticed these pedicabs available for hire everywhere. As a means of moving from one place to another — albeit not very quickly,  because Central London as crowded as fuck — most of these pedal-powered rickshaws were pretty pimped out, upholstered in neon fur and sparkly fabrics. I also noticed that each one was equipped with a booming personal sound system, so that people knew you were coming before you got there. Consider this an affordable way to travel in style.

Awesome Image of the Day: Shark Week Pedicabs!


You gotta love this image. In July of 2008, The Discovery Channel used bicycle taxis as a medium to advertise their popular Shark Week programming. The “pedicabs” could be seen in New York City where drivers were outfitted as Life Guards and gave free rides to passengers for eight hours a day over the six day run of Shark Week – so cool!