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Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Bar!

Pink Bar
Photo By Gail

Hey, can you guess where this cool Pink Bar is located? If you said the Ladies Room at Beauty and Essex Restaurant, give yourself a pat on the back! And why does Beauty and Essex have a bar in its Ladies Room, you ask? To serve the Free Champagne, of course!

Pink Thing of The Day: Hello Kitty Upholstered Chair

Hello Kitty Upholstered Chair
Photo By Gail

This comfy looking upholstered chair, which bears the likeness of Hello Kitty, is currently displayed in the front window of the Hello Kitty / Sanrio Store in Times Square, on 42nd Street between Seventh and Eighth Avenues. If you look, not even that closely, you can see a reflection of the McDonalds just across the street.

Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Grand Piano

Pink Grand Piano
Image Source

Simply, Grand!

Pink Thing of the Day: Cactus Lounge Chair and Ottoman


This awesome Pink Cactus Chair, designed by artist Xiang Yun for the China Chair Project is made from smooth, molded silicon gel. Check out more really clever cactus-inspired product designs at Design Boom.

Thanks to Neatorama for the original link!