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Move Over Guitar Hero: Meet Finger Drums!

Finger Drums Box
“You Can be Ringo with the Tap of Your Fingers!”

I love blogging about crazy toys, and I was actually hunting for a JPEG of a plush “Pee and Poo” (not even kidding) when I stumbled upon Finger Drums, the “electronic drum beat maker,” and I felt compelled to share. This actually looks like a fun toy disguised as a low-quality, mini-drum machine. According to the website, operation looks fairly straightforward. “Turn the Finger Drums on and start tapping your finger.” OK, got it. “Every time you hit a drum head, it lights up and plays the beat. Mix and match the beats to create your musical masterpiece. Use the record button to save your new monster drum loop.” Certainly, who needs ProTools when you’ve got Finger Drums?! It probably sounds like two tin cans banging together, but would still be a fun novelty gift for the drummer in your life. I especially love that the ad copy was obviously written by someone with no knowledge of drums or drumming, as the player is invited to crash the “symbol” (rather than cymbal) or to tap the “foot drum” (meaning the kick or bass drum). Hilarious. The “perfect drum kit for your hand” can be purchased at This Link for only $8.99!

Finger Drums