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How NFTs Are Changing the Way We Think About Art 

green trees near body of water painting
Photo by Mo Eid on Pexels.com

Since our ancestors first drew stories on cave walls, art has been an integral part of our lives. Throughout history, art has undergone numerous changes driven by the invention of new artistic movements and the adoption of technologies. One significant milestone that’s revolutionized how we engage with artworks online is the emergence of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), impacting not only  the technological sphere but also  the artistic landscape.
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Using Digital Entertainment in Your Downtime

turned on red and green nintendo switch
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

There is no denying that we live in a digital world, and it probably won’t surprise you to learn that millions of people enjoy spending their precious downtime on the Internet. Multiple Covid lockdowns changed lifestyles for nearly everyone, and Internet usage experienced  a huge surge  as people used social media platforms to keep in touch with family and friends. The online community has grown to billions and that doesn’t look like it will change in the future.
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Modern Art Monday Presents: Triathlon (Scenario) By Robert Rauschenberg

Triathlon (Scenario)
Photo By Gail

After suffering a stroke in 2002 that left his right arm partially paralyzed, Robert Rauschenberg (19252008) was no longer able to take photographs, nor was he able to transfer and arrange them into new compositions, as he had been doing since the early 1950s. As Triathlon (Scenario)  (2005) shows, these obstacles did not prevent him from making art. Relying on the sorts of collaborative processes that had fueled his work for decades, Rauschenberg invited his friends to take photographs with digital cameras that he provided. He then selected from the images they produced and instructed one of his studio assistants at the time, Kevin Pottorf , in the transfer and arrangements of these images onto two panels

Photographed in the Museum of Modern Art in NYC.

Long Exposure Photography: Simply Breathtaking

Exposure Time: 656 seconds

After a long day spent at the computer, this just renews my soul. Digital Photography School has 15 stunning examples of long exposure photography that are too amazing to miss. If you think the one above is unreal, click this link and check out the rest!

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