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Homeowners: Five Key Signs You Need a New Boiler


It is incredibly easy to take central heating for granted – which makes the inevitable upheaval when your boiler dies all the more stressful to navigate. With reports that major energy companies are finding it difficult to deliver maintenance and service, it’s more important than ever that you log any issues you’re having with your own boiler as soon as you possibly can. But how can you tell that your boiler is on its way out? Continue reading Homeowners: Five Key Signs You Need a New Boiler

Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Pig Radiator

pink pig radiator
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You should have heard me squeal when my friend Paula posted this photo of a Pink Pig Radiator on my FaceBook page yesterday. Can you believe this thing has been floating around the interwebs for two entire years and I just saw it for the first time? Neither can I. When it gets hot, I wonder if it smells like Bacon?