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Gail and Sue’s Rad Saturday Night Live Adventure

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 “Live from New York…”

Over the weekend, I hosted a visit by my very best friend from college, a totally Rad lady named Sue. Sue has connections in the television industry and, thanks to a few pulled strings, we ended up with last minute most-coveted tickets to see this weekend’s taping of Saturday Night Live. While I am not the biggest fanatic of that show, it has been pretty consistently good for the past year, and those Sarah Palin jokes just never get old. We had to arrive at the NBC studios by 10:00 PM to wait online and were completely soaked to the bone by the freak rainstorm that hit just as we left the house, but despite being exhausted and having to sit in wet clothes, we had a blast.

Here’s my Top Ten List of cool stuff about our Rad SNL Adventure!

  1. Some guy in line was talking about how he’d waited 20 years to get tickets to a taping. We waited only one day! Yay!
  2. We saw comedian Eddie Izzard in line! This is significant because the last time Sue visited me in NYC we had front row tickets to see Izzard live at Town Hall. So that was crazy.
  3. Jenna Fischer from The Office – my favorite non-reality TV show – was sitting two rows in front of us! In person she is a gazillion times prettier than she is on the show. I love her.
  4. It was so cool to see the displays of costumes from characters made famous by the show, and the amazing retrospective of black and white photos from every season of SNL since the beginning that line the walls of the studio’s exterior. Nostalgic!
  5. Host Jon Hamm of Mad Men is so hot and very funny! How he kept a straight face during some of those skits is beyond me.
  6. Michelle and Barack Obama Variety Show, featuring Bill Clinton singing “Don’t You Forget About Me.”
  7. Cold Play performed four songs to fill the time gap created by the skits they had to cut because Amy Poehler went into labor on Friday.
  8. Jon Hamm’s John Ham: “If it feels like a slice of ham, don’t wipe your ass with it.”
  9. “Don Draper’s Guide on How to Pick Up Women” – hilarious!
  10. Andy Samberg’s “Rasta Man” digital short.