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Robbie Z, Drummer, Black Halos

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Gail has been a friend for a few years now. She has fantastic energy and is a pleasure to talk to and be around. Since the interviews she did with me for Modern Drummer and Metal Edge last year, I have had many compliments from friends, fans and industry folk still to this day. I very much appreciate her help in getting my name out there and hope that we can connect again in the near future. We should be thankful that she is a fan of the music and wants to write about people she cares about whether they are of mainstream success or from the underground. Thanks again, Gail . . . keep up the great work!

Robbie Z, Drummer, The Black Halos

What can I say about Gail except for that she’s picked an obscure kid out of the underground and brought me to the forefront of the highly respected pages of Modern Drummer because she’s a fan of the music. She’s right in the front row of the pit, sweating it out with all the other misfits because she wants to be there experiencing the full impact of what a band can generate on stage! My interview with Gail was comfortable and fun and I can’t thank her enough for all the help and advice she’s given me. It’s because of her that my Mom can now look at the pages of Modern Drummer and think that I’m not a complete failure….thank you Gail!