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Sons of Beatles

Sean Lennon and Dhani Harrison (Image Source)

I love this photo  of Sean Lennon and Dhani Harrison from early 2011. You can really see how much they both resemble their fathers!

Happy Birthday to John Entwistle, John Lennon, and Others!!

John Entwistle Skelteon
Image Source

John “The Ox” Entwistle, bassist for The Who and astounding musical genius, was born on this today, October 9th, in 1944. Of course, Entwistle is not the only massively-famous-but-dead rock star posthumously celebrating a birthday today. John Lennon (born in 1940) would have celebrated a birthday on today’s date had he not been assassinated by the psychotic Mark David Chapman in 1980. John Lennon’s son Sean also turns another year older today (Born 1975), and Al Jorgensen of Ministry (Born 1958) and a zillion other projects has lived for another year as today. Happy Birthday, guys!

Happy Birthday to Sean and John Lennon

I think it’s pretty cool that Sean Lennon was born on his father’s birthday, October 9th, so that now that John is gone, they still have this day of connection. Sean Lennon (born in 1975) is 33 years old today. John (born in 1940) would have been 68.