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What is that Bucket Doing on his Head?

A Rad Guest Post By Sir Millard Mulch

Buckethead’s fans think he is a unique, underground artist with pure intentions. This is not true. Buckethead is a strategic advertisement for himself.

It has nothing to do with his music and everything to do with his visual appearance — the same scam as every other Rock Star. He’s an accidental genius phenomenon of masterful marketing tricks; on a higher level than any mersh band on the radio could conceive of. After all, if he didn’t have a BUCKET ON HIS HEAD and a weird mask, no one would give a fuck what he did. Continue reading What is that Bucket Doing on his Head?

Sir Millard Mulch, Recording Artist

Gail Worley is an unstoppable wedge of cheese, pounding herself between the journalistic bread and butter of the Rock 'N' Roll ham sandwich. Most people would wonder why there would be butter on a ham sandwich, but Gail has always known it to be the best lubricant in these circumstances. Dear me — I have spoiled the most secret ingredient of her most prolific career! Yet I kneel in reverence and take another bite: All Hail Gail!

The Blog of Sir Millard Mulch

Sir Millard Mulch’s Tempographical Lexicon!

Now, here’s a guy that knows how to blog on a regular basis.
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