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Gail In Print: Modern Drummer, August 2008

gene hoglan drummer

Perfectly timed to hit the newsstands concurrently with the Dethklok tour, the August 2008 issue of Modern Drummer magazine has my update on drummer Gene “The Machine” Hoglan somewhere in the front of the book. Gene Rules!

I Heart Gene Hoglan


Gene Hoglan is: The Godfather!

I took today off work because I had to get some “personal business” taken care of this morning, and I knew I just wouldn’t feel like going into the office after that. So I stopped by Trader Joe’s for provisions on the way home and then spent the afternoon shuttered up in the chickpad writing an article on my new friend, Gene “The Machine” Hoglan. Gene is best known for his tenure on the drum throne of great metal bands like Dark Angel, Death and (my personal favorite) Strapping Young Lad. But lately he is getting all kinds of well-deserved kudos for playing drums on the Dethklok album, which to me is just the most ridiculously insane and cool thing in the world. Gene is so rad.