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How To Avoid Burnout While Working From Home

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While there are certainly many benefits to working from home, many people also find that it can be hard to disconnect from work. If you are looking for a remote job, here you may find work-from-home computer career opportunities. It’s important to be aware though that when the lines are blurred between home and work, it can be challenging to switch off once you have finished, and this can interfere with your personal life, and also lead to you feeling burnout. This situation presents a serious health issue which can affect your wellbeing and your relationships. What can you do to prevent burnout while working from home? This article has a few ideas that should help. Continue reading How To Avoid Burnout While Working From Home

Top Ten Ordinary Things I Have Not Done in One Year

flatten the curve
Above Graphic Depicts The Actual Current Length of My Hair (All Photos and Images By Gail)

It was actually one year ago yesterday that my employer asked if we wouldn’t mind working from home for “a few weeks” while they got this Covid 19 thing sorted out. Several months later, we were advised to ‘arrange a time’ to come into the building and pack up all of our personal belongs, because we would not be expected to return to the office — pandemic guidelines permitting — until our company relocates to midtown in the summer of 2021. This news felt somewhat surreal, but also pretty sweet; because by June I’d grown very comfortable with hardly ever leaving my house.

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