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Family-Friendly Animated Holiday Film HOLY NIGHT! Available YouTube!

holy night christmas video

If you’re the parent of small children and are looking for a fresh and fun Christmas film to watch with them, you might want to check out HOLY NIGHT! A family-friendly adventure film appropriate for children of all ages, HOLY NIGHT! takes place on Christmas Eve. Two toy worlds live together in the living room of a house. Two traditions confronted. On one side, the Christmas tree, home of Santa Claus and his elves. On the other, the Nativity Scene with the Three Wise Men and the rest of its inhabitants.

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YouTube to Ban All Cute Kitten Videos!

Goodbye Kitty

Can you imagine a world without kitten videos on YouTube? I can’t, but soon, that’s the world we will be forced to live in. YouTube has announced that it will be banning Kitten Videos. No more Surprised Kitty. No more Keyboard Cat. Whole generations will be denied the joy of kittens chasing laser beams and cats getting their heads stuck in boxes. If we don’t stop them here, how long before they shut down the sneezing pandas or take away our dramatic chipmunks? I don’t know about you – but I’m not willing to take that chance. Please sign the petition to Keep Kitten Videos on YouTube at This Link!