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Worleygig.com Celebrates Our 3,000th Post!

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As of today, June 7, 2013, the Worley Gig has published its 3000th post! Thank you for your support!

Happy 8th Birthday, Worleygig.com!

Today, We Are Eight!

Today, June 10th, 2011, Worleygig.com celebrates 8 Rad Years on the Interwebs! This past year has been a particularly fantastic year of growth at The ‘Gig, with the NeatoHub affiliation, FaceBook’s Networked Blogs and optimized SEO bringing in thousands of new readers.  As Worleygig.com branches out from being primarily a music blog to covering more of the Art scene here in NYC and elsewhere, we hope you’ll keep coming back daily for the Pop Culture coverage, the Humor, the awesome food, movie and book reviews and, of course, all things Pink or made from Bacon.  You can like this Blog on FaceBook by clicking on the widget on the lower right hand side of this page, or by visiting This Link. As always, immense gratitude to Ian Koss, the man behind the curtain who fixes all the little weird things that are beyond my web comprehension. And Big Thanks to all of my fans, friends and readers – both random and loyal –  for your encouragement, tips, feedback and support of the blog! Eight more years!

Here’s to a Smashing New Year!

Have a Safe and Fun Celebration and Let’s Make 2011 The Best Year Ever!

Shop With Gail Feature Added to Worleygig.com!

You Can Own It

Hey, do you have some holiday shopping you need to do but you don’t want to have to leave your house? I understand completely. Guess what, you can now do all of your gift shopping right here on The Worley Gig thanks to my rad new affiliation with the NeatoShop, from our friends at Neatorama. Be on the lookout for the “Shop With Gail” widget hanging out in various locations around the blog, which will display a rotating selection of fine gifts such as a Stuffed Ham Plush Toy, Star Wars USB Ports, Bacon-Themed gifts and Ice Trays that will serve up cubes in novelty shapes ranging from tiny replicas of The Titanic to Vampire Fangs – just in time for Halloween! Why shop anywhere else? And remember that when you “Shop With Gail” you not only get to purchase the coolest items imaginable but you also support the blog and help me pay my hosting fees! Win Win! Please shop with me right now!

Worleygig.com Joins NeatoHub Blog Network!

A couple of weeks ago, Worleygig.com was honored with an exclusive invitation to join a cool new web-ring of blogs created by one of our very favorite websites, Neatorama Dot Com. The NeatoHub, as it’s called, circulates high-quality blog posts from a select group of sites around the globe via the widget you’ll see posted along the lower, right-hand margin of The Gig’s home page. You’ll also see a listing of NeatoHub posts when you click to comment on or view a full individual post. It’s a pretty cool project, and I’m very honored to be part of it. Please check it out by clicking on some of these guest posts, which in turn will generate traffic to Worleygig.com. Thanks to Neatorama for the opportunity to bring the Rad Blog to a wider audience, while also enriching our readers’ experience with fun new blog posts!

Worleygig.com Gets Reviewed By Famouswhy.com!

We Are Famous

Worley Gig Dot Com has received a hilarious, mostly positive review on celebrity gossip and entertainment website Famous Why Dot Com. Check it out at This Link !

Wishing My Readers a Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2010

Thank you for your readership and all the best to you and yours for the coming year!

We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Hey Kids! If you tried to reach The Worley Gig over the past week and found us mysteriously “off the air,” so to speak, it’s because the server that hosts this site is temporarily fucked and has been booting us off the web intermittently for the past few days at least. What a huge drag! Please bear with us until we get this problem sorted out! Thanks and Happy Easter Weekend!

Holy Effing Crap: Worleygig.com Scores Number 6 Position Among Pop Culture Blogs!

Dude, check this shit out: Among Face Book’s Top 50 Blogs in Pop Culture! Yes! That’s Worleygig.com you see at the Number 6 position – ahead of iconic sites like Perez Hilton, Gawker and Best Week Ever! Thanks to all of my readers for your support, and if you’re not already following The ‘Gig on Face Book, please feel free to click on the “Blog Network” box on the lower right hand side of the page to hook yourself up.

Bust Magazine Loves The Worley Gig!

Conchords! Bust!

Worleygig.com has recently been added to Bust Magazines’ Girl Wide Web directory of cool web links! Won’t you please visit Bust.Com at your leisure, rate the ‘Gig and show me some love. Thank you! (worleygig.com is the second link listed under the category Culture Vulture: Music)