8 thoughts on “AOL SUCKS”

  1. Well,
    But – tell us how you really feel?
    Don’t hold back!
    Other than those comments you
    listed- you really love AOL deep
    down inside…It's like a great
    mytholical parent- just like real ones-
    looming larger than life- yet somehow=
    not there for us when we needed then!
    Good words..Much love, Larry

  2. Time Warner recently dropped the "AOL" from their name. They finally got the message too.

    I dumped AOL after being on hold for a mimimum of 45 minutes, every time I called for support. AND, after it was answered, the nimrod on the other end transferred it wrong and dropped in 3 times in a row.

  3. I ended my relationship with AOL about five years ago after nearly missing a deadline. I had covered a U2 press conference and promised to send the article to my editor by 4pm. The press conference ended at 2pm. I was home by 3pm and finished with my article by 3:45. I kept getting bounced from AOL, however, from 3:46 until 3:59. As I sweated, I made the decision to move to Mindspring, which is now Earthlink. I have had few problems since, but I think a cable modem is in my future.

  4. You’re just being picky. AOL sounds like a regular, top-of-the-line South African service provider to me!

  5. Gail I want to see more posts! More posts! I think you should post a daily piece of dirt about every rock star you've had your picture taken with, including penis size if applicable. xoxo Frank

  6. Gail, you brave soul! Congrats. I have such an attachment to my AOHELL screen name that I haven't changed services yet, but come on, no Broadband for Mac OS9, what tha… HELL!!!

    Maybe there should be an AOL therapy support group for AOL-enablers and dependents like me!

    Thankfully, I now have a hubby whose on a cable modem with his PC, so when I can, I take advantage of the 2-computer household. But, still, I know, I know, my time has come. With Gail as my role model, I think I should grow up, eh?


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