Random Thoughts on Last Night’s Survivor Debut

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

Well, Survivor China got off to a roaring start last night and it looks like this season is going to be another good one. I can already see at least a few potential arrogant drama queens ready to make this a very entertaining twelve weeks.

First off there’s the Sunday School Teacher who refused to participate in the Buddhist ceremony at the beginning of the show because Jesus would disapprove. Then we have the Professional Poker Player with the huge beer gut (his name is Jean-Robert but I am henceforth calling him “Genre Bear,” because that is how I ‘heard’ his name the first time it was pronounced). And last but not least we can enjoy the spoiled brat antics of the Whiney Anorexia Case from NYC, whom I predict will be the first to go once her tribe loses an immunity challenge. Based on last night’s show, here’s some general observational commentary from the couch.

Skills to Acquire Before You go on Survivor

If I knew I was going to be, literally, stranded in the jungle/wilderness for 39 days with no modern conveniences, little if any food and a necessity to rely 100% on my own wits/ survival skills/ ability to tolerate pretty idiots and hopelessly annoying assholes, I would certainly make sure that I learned how to do the following things:

  2. Swim
  3. Fish
  4. Build a shelter of out materials available in the Island Jungle Wilderness

I have zero sympathy for anyone who hasn’t mastered the above skills before landing at camp.

What Not to Wear

From what I saw last night, I wonder if any of these tards has ever watched even one episode of Survivor before agreeing to do the show? I mean, Jesus, it’s been on for 14 seasons already, get a clue on how to dress!

Everyone who signs up for this ordeal should know that the show is famous for throwing you off a ship into the water with only the clothes on your back, so why on earth would you show up wearing impractical footwear such as multi-buckled stripper boots, pumps, spike heels or flip flops? And why in hell would you not have the foresight to wear a bra? On even the remotest chance that they’d pull a “clothes on your back” launch scenario, here’s is how I would dress for Survivor:

1. A sensible and supportive zip front sports bra or bathing suit top that could do double duty.

2. T-Shirt with long-sleeved top / shirt over it.

3. Full coverage panties with gym shorts over them.

4. Jeans or khakis.

5. Two pairs of socks (at least).


The name of the show is “Survivor,” not “Beauty Pageant Fashion Show.” It’s not about looking good, it’s about being as comfortable as possible when you’ve been living without soap or toilet paper for three weeks. Learn to layer up, people!

How Not to Act

Here’s how to act if you want to be voted off immediately:

Like the Boss of Everyone
Like “The Leader”
Like you’re the misunderstood, loner outsider who doesn’t fit in
Like you have a limitless sense of entitlement
Like an arrogant Frat Boy

Last night we bid an early farewell to the Chicken Farmer appropriately named “Chicken.”  At least now I won’t feel like I need subtitles to understand what he says. See you next week!


One thought on “Random Thoughts on Last Night’s Survivor Debut”

  1. I agree 100%. It’s disappointing they scout these contestants now but I suppose weeding through all those applications for the freaks can be a bit exhausting. I wasn’t surprised Chicken was kicked off, despite the fact you couldn’t understand him, he was also the oldest and the most unattractive person on Survivor China. Unfortunately, I forsee and early departure for our friend the Lunch Lady as well. Perhaps if she had fake tits and could strip…errr I mean wrestle, she might have a chance. She does sport a wrestler mullet but I don’t think they are going to give her extra points for that. YAY, SURVIVOR IS BACK BITCHES!!!

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