Why Cirie is an Idiot who Deserves to be Voted off the Island Immediately


Pile-O-Survivors: Cirie is on the far left.

*SPOILER ALERT* Survivor fans who have not yet seen last night’s episode are advised to read this blog entry post-viewing.

Last night, before the snow started to come down really heavy, I made the two block journey over to Tracy’s for our weekly Survivor: Fans Vs Favorites viewing ritual. Because when you live in an apartment the size of large, furnished shoebox, a change of scenery is always welcome. We are only three episodes into the season but I think it is starting to get good. While Malakal, the Favorites Tribe (whom Tracy and I are both enthusiastically routing for over Airai, the Fans, who are totally lame) viciously kicked ass in the Reward Challenge, they did not fair so well when Immunity was “Up for Grabs” and earned their second trip to Tribal Council.

Now, I really love a Survivor player who gets into a serious, mind-fucking “head” game right away, but honestly the amount of post-Immunity Challenge bickering-slash-strategizing that went on amongst the Favorites started to give me a “god, please make them stop” kind of stomach ache. And although there may be more than a couple of brain dead doofuses on Malakal, the big idiot of the night turned out to be Cirie. Despite the fact that she proved herself to be one of the better strategic players on her original season, “Survivor Panama: Exile Island” – making it as far as the Final Four – this time around Cirie has lost her rational mind completely. Tracy and I agree that she’s also gotten kind of uppity, which puts me off right away.

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For some mysterious reason, Cirie has made herself the “Swing Vote” between two strong alliances, one of which includes two couples – Ozzy and Amanda and Parvati and James – and another comprised of Jonathan, Ami, Yau-Man and Eliza – in other words, people just like her. Like, how stupid does she have to be to even think for one second that an alliance of two couples, who as far as we can tell are already “doing it,” will split up and not vote her ass out the second they have the opportunity?

Here’s what Television Without Pity Dot Com had to say about it:

“Over at Malakal, Jonathan and Cirie are competing to be first to break my heart by being way less cool than they used to be, because he continues to be blinded by his hate of Parvati to the point where every discussion becomes about getting rid of her, while Cirie is taking her “swing vote” status to an extreme while apparently failing to recognize the extreme danger she places herself in – both now and in the future – by making it obvious that her vote is for sale. Despite the fact that Cirie knows, and says, that people had better beg and plead for her vote, she somehow decides to believe it when Amanda and Parvati swear that they’re tooootally going to F3 [aka “Final Three” – gw) together.”

In other words, Cirie is a fucking idiot. And thanks to her, one of the best players of this game ever, little Yau Man, who certainly would not have proven to be a threat to anybody until at least a tribal merge, had to go home. Thanks a lot. Bitch.