Teenager Finds Baby Bat In Her Bra


This is a fun story. Apparently, a young hotel worker in England was “surprised” to discover that a baby bat had been hiding in her bra for several hours before its movements (which were originally mistaken for the vibrating of her cell phone) prompted closer inspection. I’m just thinking that she must have been wearing a pretty big bra for her to not notice that a fucking bat was hiding in there! I mean, I’m hauling around an impressive rack myself, and I think I’d notice if there was a bat in my bra. Geez.

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  1. Gail, bats are very human like. You can find out by going to batconservation.org. I raised a Little brown bat that could not fly for 3 years. A lot of vets would not look at her, but we found one who did. She we named mina, liked to eat mealworms and look at the tele.

  2. Bats in my belfry and rain on my roof
    Even my teddy bear stays so aloof
    Flies that go walking on leashes so long
    Even my parakeet wears a sarong
    Sometimes I wonder, but mostly I don´t
    I always say “yes” but usually I won´t
    Elephants flying way off to the moon
    Even my sundial´s stuck at high noon
    Signs that say “quiet” and yo-yos on strings
    Ride on the carousel, grab the brass rings
    Aches that I feel on my window pane
    Rolled-up umbrellas are out in the rain
    Boxes that herald:”Please stand in a line”
    Tarzans are riding on the 6:20 vine
    Mostly I end up with egg on my face
    I can´t keep the bulbs lit in my fireplace
    Bats in my belfry, polars are bare
    Polish the cannon in the town square
    We´ll all take a ride on my new pogo stick
    Here comes the night nurse! Cover up, quick!
    Thoughts that need thinking like spring has been sprung
    Fantasy helps all of us to think young
    Everyone knows that penguins go formal
    So who´s there among us to say who is normal?

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