Celebrate George Bush’s Much Anticipated Departure From Office With a “Party In A Box”!

George Bush Party In A Box (Georgie Is Outta Here!) @ Yahoo! Video

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For music executive/entrepreneur Jorge Hernandez, frustration with the White House regime has hit an all-time high. A successful artist manager who steers the careers of pop rock bands such as The Classic Crime, A Change of Pace, and pop duo Prima J, he got fed up with the horrendous job that George W. Bush has been doing and instead of moaning and whining about it, he decided to throw a party instead to celebrate the final days of the current Presidency. To make the celebration more festive and enjoyable, he has created the GEORGIE IS OUTTA HERE PARTY IN A BOX!, which includes everything you need to throw your own shindig, which is for sale (along with assorted t-shirts and hats) on the website http://www.georgieisouttahere.com.

“GWB has a very special, unique place in my life,” muses Jorge. “He is the only person I’ve never met or had any personal interaction with that I can honestly say I despise with a passion. I’m talking despise in the way the way you despise the first person that ever broke your heart and ran off with your best friend all on the same day.”

Each Party In A Box comes with 10 paper plates, 10 paper cups, 8 party hats, 16 napkins, 10 latex balloons, a table cloth, a Pin the Tail on the Ass’s Ass decorative poster, and a Georgie’s Desk with To Do Lists decorative poster, all packaged in a branded “Georgie Is Outta Here!” box. “One day I asked my wife, ‘How much longer do we have to put up with this guy? January 20, 2009? Great, well, I’m going to throw a party, we’re talking balloons, hats, table cover, the whole shebang’,” explains of the inspiration to create the party kit.

The butt of nearly every joke out of Washington for the last eight years, Dubya has witnessed plummeting abysmal approval ratings while the country itself has been amassing a massive federal debt that has grown exponentially since he took office. So the need to express relief at the end of his tenure is pretty much mandatory at this point, regardless of political affiliation. “Well, if the polls are any indication, I would say at this point and time this country is not only united by a common language and mounting massive personal debt, but also a common disgust with GWB,” explains Jorge. “What has been most amusing to me thus far is that while admittedly people on the left have been most responsive, they almost all have the same reaction. They all want to buy this party box not so much for themselves, but to send it to their super-conservative, dad, mom, cousin, uncle, friend, etc. It’s a cathartic product for anyone who has felt totally powerless to express their disdain and frustration these last eight years.”

The Georgie Is Outta Here Party In A Box! sells for $39.99 and is available at the website: http://www.georgieisouttahere.com. Other items for sale on the site include assorted t-shirts and hats.