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Celebrate George Bush’s Much Anticipated Departure From Office With a “Party In A Box”!

George Bush Party In A Box (Georgie Is Outta Here!) @ Yahoo! Video

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I’m So Over Bono

Bobo and Bush
I Wouldn’t Vote for Either of Them

I just read an excellent article on U2’s Bono in Harp Magazine in which journalist Mark Kemp takes on the superstar rock vocalist and humanitarian of questionable motivation.

My favorite revelation:

“While Bono has self-righteously badgered world leaders into using citizens’ tax money to fund debt-relief efforts (a perfectly good and noble cause), he and his band have taken aggressive measures to avoid paying taxes themselves. Around the same time (Paul) Hewson hooked up with Forbes, U2 decided to move part of its multi-million-dollar business from its home base of Ireland to the Netherlands, where the tax rate on royalty earnings is minimal.”

Gee wiz, that a hypocritical poser.

The Roof Is On Fire: Thoughts on Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11

Fahrenheit 911

This past weekend I went to see the Michael Moore film, Fahrenheit 9/11. Everyone needs to see this film. Parts of it are hilarious and parts of it are extremely difficult to watch, but it gives the typical not-super-political person, like me, a laser perspective into what’s going on in Iraq.

It’s pretty obvious that we shouldn’t be there and why all of this killing and Anti-American sentiment is so out of control. Of course it’s VERY anti-Bush, but going in with an open mind, I found there was very little Moore propaganda. 99% of what he represents is backed up by undeniable physical evidence or others “in the know” confirming Moore’s accusations.

It’s so important that everybody vote in the November election to get George Bush out of the White House and try to heal some of the heinous damage he’s done to this country and to repair the way the world sees us. I don’t know how we can survive four more years of his blatant disregard for humanity.

See Fahrenheit 9/11 and tell everyone you know to see it.