How To Make a Disco Bike!

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With the fuel situation the way it is these days (high prices, shortages, etc) and the ubiquitous emphasis on living as Green as possible, biking to work has become a popular option for suburbanites and those living in urban areas lacking the great public transportation system we enjoy here in NYC.

Personally, I haven’t driven a car in twenty years, and the last time I was on a bike my age could be measured in single digits. But if I were suddenly faced with the absence of the walk there/take a bus/use the subway option to get around town, I’d probably choose a bike over a car as my transportation of choice. And, if I had a bike, I would want that bike to be rad, because that is how I roll.

So, thank god that somebody thought to invent the MonkeyLectric LED Light System for Bikes. This multi-colored light system installs on the spokes of your bike wheels, lighting up the night like the Aurora Borealis as you speed through the city, so people know to get the hell out of your way. Awesomeness. The light system can be purchased here, with a FAQ here. Saturday Night Fever soundtrack not included.

monkeylectric led light system
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