Obscenely Expensive Corporate Gimmick of the Week: Showtime House!

Bloody Gorgeous!

I honestly can’t recall ever watching more than one or two episodes, let alone an entire season, of any Showtime series ever in my life. Because I’m really more of an HBO gal. But Metropolitan Home’s Showtime House, a newly renovated town home located in NYC’s exclusive Gramercy Park neighborhood (my dentist has his office there) where each room is decorated to thematically tie-in with a popular Showtime series, has me intrigued to maybe rent the past few seasons of Dexter on DVD. Because, man, that dining room is just rad.

See the various room interiors of Showtime House and read all about the project at this link.

Pink Lounge

0 thoughts on “Obscenely Expensive Corporate Gimmick of the Week: Showtime House!”

  1. No Showtime shows at ALL!?!? really?

    Well, I’d recommend Weeds Seasons 1 and 2….but 3 and 4 kind of sucked…so I’ll withhold this recommendation.


    Rent/buy Dexter and Californication ASAP! They are both FANTASTIC shows….Dexter is so dark, and tortured!

  2. Californication is great too and involves lots of sexy stuff in this TV series. 😉

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