Rad Video of the Day: Fan Made Trader Joe’s Commercial!

When Trader Joe’s opened its first store in Manhattan it completely changed my life, and it is still the primary grocery store in which I shop, even when it means I must stand in a line that snakes all the way through the store and back to the entrance. It’s always worth it. If you feel similarly, please enjoy this fan-made video with an accompanying original song about all of the many items that make this store incomparably special. Trader Joe’s Forever!

Thanks to Boing Boing for the tip!

0 thoughts on “Rad Video of the Day: Fan Made Trader Joe’s Commercial!”

  1. I love TJ’s, but we don’t have them in Orlando. I always stock up when I go to LA or Milwaukee or New York. A great guerrilla video!

  2. I was just there earlier today. Got some Asahi beer, cheedar cheese, Altoids, asparagus, brussels sprouts, organic peas, Emergen-C, and a baby’s arm holding an apple!!!

  3. Yup, all that and more!!! He forgot about the frozen langostinos they don’t have anymore. Those suckers were KILLER on nachos!!! Oh, and the smoked chicken that I used on my smoked chicken/goat cheese pizza that won a prize in a recipe contest.

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