Coca-Cola Can Collection!

Coke is the Real Thing

Given a choice, I’ll always choose Coke over Pepsi, and I especially have a fondness for Coke collectibles and memorabilia, of which I have a tiny collection. So I was especially attracted to the website Cola Plaza, run by Xander – an avid collector of Coca-Cola cans, bottles and other Coke related memorabilia whose collection of over 8,000 different Coke cans is really quite impressive. Xander lives in the Netherlands and will gladly answer any question you have about soda can trivia if you email him at

Thanks to Neatorama for the tip!

2 thoughts on “Coca-Cola Can Collection!”

  1. Hallo und wiegehts!
    I live in America and was curious to inquire as to whether or not you may be interested in purchasing my collection. Over the years I have acquired a few cans (it used to be quite extensive) here and there. Unfortunately, some of them were stolen.
    I have since built it back up to a slight extent, and feature mostly Santa Klaus cans and a few foreign cans from my travels.
    I even have some olympic/summer series cans. Please contact me, as I would ‘sell’ them to you outright.
    God bless you und Vielen Danke.
    P.S. Focus Rocks

  2. I have a un-opened in good condition 1956 or 1955 Coca Cola can I am trying to sell. Do you know where I can and how much it is worth?

    — Hey Lance & Danney: Sorry, No Idea, But Good Luck! – G

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