Random Thought On Why High School Sucks

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I wasn’t a queer kid in high school, but I was bullied and maligned for other non-reasons. It wasn’t much fun. Reconnecting so many years later with classmates on Facebook has really brought home the realization that hardly anyone I graduated with recalls how unpopular I was in high school. I guess it’s time forgive and forget. Or maybe not.

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  1. Gail, I liked you back then. I finally found my yearbook yesterday. You even signed the book. Your note was foretelling of your future in writing. No “don’t do what I wouldn’t” kind of crap.

    At least you didn’t get followed around campus being called FAG like the one guy in dance. I knew you as soon as you contacted me. I had to dig out the yearbook to try and figure out who the heck many of my friend request were.

    BTW did you know Kevin Guiler is in Manhattan? Unfortunatley I’ve lost contact with him in the last couple years. He was Annie Liebowitz’s(sp?) first assistant for a few years. You should start walking around calling for him. Maybe he’ll come out of the woodwork….
    Peace, Mark

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