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Video Clip of The Week: The Voidz, “Permanent High School”

Hey what’s up? Does it feel like summer yet where you live? Here in NYC, not so much, but I can tell it’s on the way! After taking a couple of weeks off from this column, I was all ready-and-set to post a completely different band for this week’s Video Clip, but then I read about their stupid personal politics and was compelled to make an abrupt about face on that decision. And that’s too bad, because the song was excellent, but the lead singer sounded like a dick, and I just can’t even with that. Anyway, no loss to you, because look what I found instead? It’s this crazy great video for the tune “Permanent High School” from the Julian Casablancas-fronted band The Voidz! Continue reading Video Clip of The Week: The Voidz, “Permanent High School”

Bethany Marchman’s Bless Your Heart at Bold Hype Gallery

Porky By Bethany Marchman Photo By Gail
Porky (All Photos By Gail)

Here at the Worley Gig, we are especially fond of the contemporary art that embraces both the dark and the darkly humorous. Perhaps this is the reason we are really digging the latest exhibit over at Bold Hype Gallery: Bethany Marchman’s Bless Your Heart. According to Marchman’s bio, the artist aims “to create parallels between innocence and influence / history and popular culture. [Her] paintings are reflections of the awkward changes we experience as individuals and as a society, while questioning whether or not growth is synonymous with improvement.” Interesting! Continue reading Bethany Marchman’s Bless Your Heart at Bold Hype Gallery

Spitball App For The iPhone and Facebook: Let the Spitting Begin!

I don’t own a “Smart Phone” (yet) because I don’t actually have any desire to be connected to the Internet every waking second of my life, but I do enjoy using the occasional Facebook App and the Movie Box App, just so I can appear to be somewhat “in the know” and hip (key word: appear). Here’s an app I heard about recently, for both the iPhone and Facebook, that seems kind of hilarious: it is called Spitball.

The Spitball application recalls fond memories from high school when a “classy” way to get someone’s attention during class was to launch a spit-moistened, crumbled wad of paper in their direction. Good times. So, here’s an idea: instead of sending a “gift” or “poking” a friend on Facebook (because poking is retarded), why not be a little more creative and quickly deliver a personalized digital spitball – publicly on their Facebook wall – instead? Send a spitball to your friends, or enemies, to let them know how you really feel about them. Support your team or talk smack about someone else’s with customizable team colors, messages and more! Spitball is not just another iPhone app – it’s an attitude. Because everyone loves to spit! Spitball!

You can “Like” Spitball on Facebook at This Link or purchase the Spitball for iPhone app now for just 99 Cents at This iTunes Link. Download it now to start spitting!

Slash Refuses to Allow Guns N’ Roses Music to be used on Glee

From Rollingstone.com

Slash has told Entertainment Weekly that he rejected a request from the producers of Glee to use Guns N’ Roses music in an episode of the series. His reasoning was pretty simple: He thinks the hit show is horrible. “Glee is worse than Grease and Grease is bad enough,” he told EW. “I look at Grease now and think, ‘Between High School Musical and Glee, Grease was a work of art.'” So Slash is definitely not a fan of squeaky-clean singing teens. I’ve been a huge fan of Slash up until this moment and now…I just love him even more. Go Slash.

Back to The Old House

Gail OHS 79

Me at Age 18. Best. ’70s. Hair. Ever.

Hey Kids! I’ll be heading out west for a few days to attend my one hundred million billionth High School Reunion out in the OC, so blog posts will be a little sparse. If  I can just stomach the deluge of Styx and Boston songs the DJ plays, I’m certainly expecting this shindig to be more hilarity than horror-show. But you never can tell.