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Spitball App For The iPhone and Facebook: Let the Spitting Begin!

I don’t own a “Smart Phone” (yet) because I don’t actually have any desire to be connected to the Internet every waking second of my life, but I do enjoy using the occasional Facebook App and the Movie Box App, just so I can appear to be somewhat “in the know” and hip (key word: appear). Here’s an app I heard about recently, for both the iPhone and Facebook, that seems kind of hilarious: it is called Spitball.

The Spitball application recalls fond memories from high school when a “classy” way to get someone’s attention during class was to launch a spit-moistened, crumbled wad of paper in their direction. Good times. So, here’s an idea: instead of sending a “gift” or “poking” a friend on Facebook (because poking is retarded), why not be a little more creative and quickly deliver a personalized digital spitball – publicly on their Facebook wall – instead? Send a spitball to your friends, or enemies, to let them know how you really feel about them. Support your team or talk smack about someone else’s with customizable team colors, messages and more! Spitball is not just another iPhone app – it’s an attitude. Because everyone loves to spit! Spitball!

You can “Like” Spitball on Facebook at This Link or purchase the Spitball for iPhone app now for just 99 Cents at This iTunes Link. Download it now to start spitting!

Random Thought On Why High School Sucks

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I wasn’t a queer kid in high school, but I was bullied and maligned for other non-reasons. It wasn’t much fun. Reconnecting so many years later with classmates on Facebook has really brought home the realization that hardly anyone I graduated with recalls how unpopular I was in high school. I guess it’s time forgive and forget. Or maybe not.