Happy Birthday, Sly Stone!

Sly Stone — the man, the legend —  was born on this day, March 15th, in 1944. “Stand” is my favorite Sly and the Family Stone song. In fact, I dare you to name a better song than this one. I don’t think it can be done. Happy Birthday Sly, we love your awesome music!

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  1. Great! The feel of this tune sums up the hip, progressive, culture of “love and righteousness” that prevailed back then. Still sends waves of hope through my being! Go Sly!

  2. Not only did Sly echo messages of the times, he was my introduction to funk. A great band!!

  3. Unfortunately, Sly is living in a van parked on a street in the Crenshaw district of Los Angeles. I was hoping that he could get his act together, however, that isn’t likely to happen. Happy B-day to Sly and thanking him for all the great tunes he and his band created.

  4. Sly’s music always made me want to get up and dance, and while that is not likely a pretty sight, it goes to show how the music just has the capacity to inspire and invigorate! Happy Birthday, Sly…

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