Space Oddity: Duncan Jones Makes Directorial Debut

Duncan Jones and his Dad, David Bowie

“Mutants and superheroes are a dime a dozen, but good old-fashioned sci-fi films are increasingly hard to come by. And that makes Moon (in theaters 6/12) a welcome departure from Hollywood’s increasingly effects-driven everyday offerings. Directed by Duncan Jones (a.k.a. David Bowie’s son, formerly known as Zowie Bowie) and co-written by Nathan Parker (son of British director Alan Parker), Moon depicts Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell)’s lonely tenure on a faraway lunar station.

A robot (voiced by Kevin Spacey) is his only companion; messages from his wife and daughter are delivered via satellite. It isn’t long before space sickness – or something even more sinister – takes hold of his imagination. Jones turns out to be a sharp, unfussy director. But Rockwell – who is quietly turning into one of our most gifted and versatile actors – walks away with the film.” From the trailer, this looks like it might be a very good mix of Silent Running and 2001. I plan to see it.

Watch the trailer for Moon: here


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