Pink Thing of the Day: Hello Kitty House

Too Much of a Good Thing?

In case you were wondering, this home is located in what is evidently a full-on Hello Kitty neighborhood development, in Taiwan.

0 thoughts on “Pink Thing of the Day: Hello Kitty House”

  1. I still regret not naming my cat “Hello,” in order to greet her “Hello Kitty!” every day.

  2. Umm, for your information Hello kitty’s real name is not Hello. Her real name is Kitty White. She has a pet cat Charmmy and a hamster named Sugar. Her mum and dad are Mary and George, grandparents; Margaret and Anthony.

    I am the true Hello Kitty nerd!

  3. Seriously disturbing. What type of adolescent fantasy world do you have to live in to get a mortgage on a Hello Kitty house?

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