Bacon Thing of The Day: Chicken Fried Bacon

Chicken Fried Bacon
“Mmmm…Extra Greasy”

Sent to me by my good friend Diane (aka “Diaaaahhhne!”), the Chicken Fried Bacon pictured above is part of an article on the Top Ten Most Unusual State Fair Foods. Sadly, this article – which also features Spaghetti and Meatballs on a Stick and Fried Avocado Bites – does not include any recipes. But I bet if really want to make these treats at home, and you know how to use the Google, you’ll be able to find out everything you need to know.

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  1. I started to say Chicken Fried Bacon aloud but my mouth watered so much I ended up gargling the word bacon. I cure my own bacon and I am going to be frying some chicken this weekend, so I will go for it and let you know what happens. Pray for me because I don’t have health insurance, but I have really good bacon.

  2. I did it, I made Chicken Fried Bacon! When I served the chicken I put the bacon on a plate and told everyone to guess what it is. Everyone tried it and everyone agreed that it was absolutely wonderful. Six people ats almost a pound of bacon, along with two chickens, potato salad, baked beans (my niece was dipping the bacon into the beans) and drinks. When we were done, none of us could move. About an hour later my brother asked if there was any bacon left.

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