Remembering Layne Staley On His Birthday

Layne Staley
Heaven Beside You; Hell Within

Layne Staley, singer for Alice in Chains was born on this day, August 22nd, in 1967. Throughout his career, Staley struggled with severe drug addiction, which eventually led to his death in April of 2002. RIP.

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  1. My fondest memory of him is when Alice In Chains was booed off the stage during their opening for the Clash of the Titans tour in 1991…which is what happens when you open for Slayer. Layne Staley had some harsh words for the crowd. It’s a tough world, kid.

  2. Legendary. I Am really stoked that Seattle came along with great bands like Alice in Chains, Mad Season, Nirvana, Pearl Jam,Tad, Mudhoney, The Melvins, Soundgarden, Mother Love Bone… Layne is definitely missed! Never forgotten…keep it real!

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