Alice Cooper Band Open for Led Zeppelin’s First US Gigs

Led Zeppelin 1969 Promo
Led Zeppelin 1969 Promo Shot

On This Date, January 2nd In 1969: Led Zeppelin began a three-night stand at the Whisky a Go Go in West Hollywood, CA. The opening act was the band Alice Cooper, whose first album, Pretties for You, had not yet been released.

Alice Cooper The Band, 1969

12 thoughts on “Alice Cooper Band Open for Led Zeppelin’s First US Gigs

  1. What a show that must have been…I wonder how much of an influence Alice Cooper had on Led Zeppelin…there is NO WAY anyone could see an Alice show and not take SOMETHING away from it…


  2. Hey Gail,

    Merry New Year and Christmas and all! I hope you’ve been well. Funny. Dennis told me once that they wouldn’t let him in one of those nights that they were opening….Something about him being underage maybe…Funny. Talk to ya later.



  3. That was the same year I got to see them both at the Seatle Pop fest…Alice kicked it!!! And I never looked back!! Oh yeah, The Doors were the headliners, but Lee Michaels finished off the 3 day event!!


  4. I was lucky enough to see the original Alice Cooper group starting in 1971 and the few years after before the split up.
    Only wish Alice (and the rest of the band) before putting away the microphone and equipment would get back together and do at the least one more “LONG” tour, maybe do the entire Billion Dollars Babies album from beginning to end (and of course a few more classics as encores) like a lot of other bands have done. But, as an addition, keep Alice’s current band also as backup, (maybe during the encores???). It would be so cool to see two drummers, all the guitars and such.
    Call me a dreamer, but I was always told that dreams can happen!!


  5. Since Led Zep debut LP wasn’t released until January 12, 1969 in the States (March 31st in UK).
    Was it true that the bands flipped a coin to see who goes on first?


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