Pink Thing of the Day: Nuvo Sparkling Vodka!

I Would Drink It

On what was surely the hottest day of the year last summer, I was invited to a party held at a duplex in Chelsea that I would have to be richer than god to afford. The party was thrown by a company that makes foundation garments (i.e. underwear) for women who are a size three but want to fit into clothes that are a size zero. Retarded.

What I recall most about this party, besides the scorching-hot-with-100%-humidity-style weather (summer in New York City!) and my insane jealousy at wanting to own this house, is that they served cupcakes from The Cupcake Café (SFD = so fucking delicious) that you could wash down with this fancy pink sparkling vodka called Nuvo.

This stuff is pretty crazy in that it is pink, tastes like a combination of vodka, champagne and fruit punch, and gets you very drunk very fast. I highly recommend it. We were all given gift bags at the party and there was a “single serving” bottle of Nuvo in the bag – classeh! Plus it comes in a very pretty bottle that I had a super hard time putting in the recycling bin once it was empty (i.e. ten minutes after I got home). The bottle alone probably costs $20 but you can order your own Nuvo now for just $29.99 at This Link! Cheers!

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