Piano Used By The Beatles at Abbey Road Studio for Sale

Photograph: Bonhams/BNPS.co.uk

The Challen upright piano pictured above – covered in coffees stains and cigarette burns – comes from studio three at Abbey Road Studios, where it used between the years of 1964 to 1980 in recording sessions by The Beatles as well as other bands, such as Pink Floyd. Imagine the stories this piano would tell if it could speak! Think back on any Beatles’ song with a memorable piano riff (“Martha My Dear,” which Paul McCartney wrote about his sheep dog, comes to mind) and chances are high this piano is the one making that sound. The piano goes up for sale on August15, 2010 at Vintage Goodwood, West Sussex, UK where it’s expected to fetch as much as £150,000 at auction.

Link at Guardian Co UK via Neatorama

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