Warholian Campbell’s Soup Can Lighting

Whether or not you’re thinking of them as a thematic tie in to that Warhol lithograph you’ve got hanging in the hallway, how cool would it be to have such groovy lamps illuminating your kitchen? These Pop Art pendant lights are made from recycled, industrial-sized food cans adorned with a fabricated Campbell’s Soup label replica. They are so neat! Designed by designer Willem Heeffer, specifications are below:

Recycled can with Campbell’s Soup label
Three core textile cable
Recycled tuna can ceiling rose (see photo detail below)
E27 40w bulb
Measures 15cm x 15cm

Available exclusively through FUSE Finds across the pond, these lamps retail for £80 GBP/ €90 Euros (or about $115) Each or €225 Euros/Set of 3 (Shipping not included). Purchasing information is available at This Link.

Ceiling Detail

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  1. Dig the Warholster. I coulda bought one of his shopping bags out here in Santa Monica 15 years ago during an art auction blow-out sale, but didn’t have $400.

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