Life Imitates Art in Banksy Painting Halloween Costume

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One of the reasons I’ve not “celebrated” Halloween for the past couple of years is that I have zero imagination when it comes to creating the very-much-expected mind blowing party costume, while everyone around me is some kind of fucking costume designing genius. The picture above is an example of the type of cleverness with which I just can’t compete. Flickr user George Schnakenberg painted his clothing and a wrapped bouquet of flowers to create the necessary impression of being the Banksy painting “Love is in the Air” when properly posed against a wall. Sheer genius. See George’s photos of the steps taken to create such an authentic costume at this link. Great job, George!

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Thanks to Neatorama For the Tip!

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  1. It’s a cool post ‘n’ all, but I’m afraid Geoffrey overshadowed the whole thing with his closing comment!

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