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Made You Look By Banksy

made you look by banksy photo by gail worley
Photo By Gail

Paying attention all the time is an interesting way to go through the day. When you’re a tourist, however — in my case, traveling in London —  it pays off, because you can spot all the hidden weird things that residents never notice.
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Banksy in New York: Defaced Gathers His Greatest Hits Under One Roof

banksy time out london cover photo by gail worley
March 2010 Cover of Time Out London Designed By Banksy (All Photos By Gail)

My first exposure to Banksy — the pseudonymous British street artist (some say consortium) whose irreverent works of socio-political satire have appeared in site-specific locations across the globe — was a visit to his October, 2008 immersive Village Pet Store and Charcoal Grill. Located in a Greenwich Village, NYC storefront and filled with surreal creations both familiar and exotic, the installation was designed to look like a typical pet store, but with a twist. While there was no actual Charcoal Grill serving food, rather than selling live animals, the store featured a variety of animatronic pets, including fish sticks swimming in a fish bowl, ‘chicken nugget’ baby chicks and a rabbit applying makeup before a mirrored vanity.

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New Mural By Blek Le Rat in First Street Green Art Park

collab blek le rat andn tkdi170 photo by gail worley
Photos By Gail

The legendary French graffiti and stencil artist Blek Le Rat was in town recently to do some press for his current solo exhibit in the Chelsea Gallery District. While he was here, he paid homage to one of his peers of the street art world with this stenciled likeness of the late Richard Hambleton in the First Street Green Art Park. Very cool!

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Let’s Play: Is It A Banksy?

FiDi Banksy
Photo By Gail

OK, I have spent several days scouring the Internet for any indication that this very Banksy-sque stencil mural — which depicts a Wall Street Banker-type panhandling for “Any Job” while a female Robot hands him what looks like a Burrito (but is probably a handful of cash)–  is, in fact, a Banksy, but I can’t find any evidence to confirm that suspicion. My guess is that the piece is called Looking For Any Job, as the man’s sign suggests. Continue reading Let’s Play: Is It A Banksy?

Pink Thing of The Day: Banksy’s Mona Lisa Pink

Mona Lisa Pink
Photo By Gail

Spotted at Context Art Fair at the Javits Center in NYC!