New Kenny Scharf Mural Goes up at Houston and Bowery

Photos By Geoffrey Dicker

Geoffrey took the photo above late yesterday afternoon as he and I walked east on Houston Street. We were out and about in the Soho area because we had actually planned to hit up Kenny Sharf’s new exhibit, Hot Glue Hullabaloo at the Hole Gallery on Greene Street, but it was closed for Black Friday. It was just an insane bit of luck that as we approached the corner of Bowery, formerly the site of the famous Keith Haring mural and later home to murals by other famous artists such as Shepard Fairey, who did we see but Scharf himself in the process of creating an amazing new work of art. There were maybe half a dozen photographers documenting Scharf’s progress as he worked with a can of spray paint on the pink figure you see here, and no one even seemed to mind that it was really quite freezing standing there on the street. I’m going to walk by the site again today and see how far along he’s gotten.

Kenny Scharf Works on his Newest Mural on Black Friday in NYC

Update: Kenny completed the Mural on Tuesday 11/30/10. Here is what it looks like now! So cool!

Night View, Photo by Geoffrey Dicker

Day View Courtesy of

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