Kenny Scharf Mania at the Paul Kasmin Gallery

While this in no way makes up for the having been forced to miss the Hot Glue Hullabaloo exhibit because the people who own the gallery-that-will-not-be-named could not be bothered to honor their posted business hours for half the exhibit’s run (thanks, not!) it was an unexpected treat to stumble upon one of two new Kenny Scharf exhibits concurrently running at both locations of the Paul Kasmin Gallery in Chelsea.

I was pressed for time, so was only able to make a pitstop into NaturaFutura, showing a new series of large-scale paintings inspired by the surroundings of Scharf’s coastal studio in Bahia, Brazil, which is now up at 293 Tenth Avenue. These paintings are really large and beautiful, and flaunt the colorful and whimsical style that Kenny is known for. There is also a series of small sculptures at the front of the gallery that looked like mushroom clouds with funny faces on them. Thought provoking!

Just around the corner at  511 W. 27th Street the gallery presents Three Dozen!, comprised of 36 of Scharf’s signature donut paintings. Yes, I just typed that: Donut Paintings. According to the Gallery’s website, “the brightly colored images of assorted donuts floating against surreal skyscapes showcase the artist’s trademark wit and fascination with optimistic fantasy.” You know how I feel about Donuts, so I will definitely be going back to check this exhibit out further.

Both Kenny Scharf Exhibits Run Through February 26, 2011. Kenny Scharf!

Pink Donut In Space

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