Arancini Bros. Rice Balls: A Tasty Treat!

They’ve Got Balls  

As Geoffrey and I left the Factory Fresh Gallery and set off to explore the neighborhood, I felt a bit peckish. We didn’t have to walk very far before we found a place to grab a snack just a few blocks up the road from the gallery, where we spotted Arancini Bros, a tiny storefront that sells Rice Balls exclusively.

For just $3 each you can choose one of six varieties of Rice Balls including the Ragu (traditional meat and tomato sauce with peas inside a rice ball loaded with  mozzarella cheese), the white bean and escarole (a vegan choice), chicken with fontina cheese and even a sweet rice ball made from chocolate rice (flavored with Nutella) stuffed with peanut butter mousse. The selection of flavors offered varies depending on the day. I had the Ragu and it was absolutely delicious, crispy on the outside, warm and creamy on the inside.

All in all it was a cheap and very satisfying snack! Arancini Bros is also connected to a bar called the Wreck Room which I understand is great space for drinks and shows! Check them both out when you find yourself in Bushwick!

Arancini Bros is located at 940 Flushing Ave, (between Evergreen Ave & Stanwix St) in Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY 11206

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