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Modern Art Monday Presents: George Brecht, Repository

George Brecht Repository
Repository, 1961: Wall Cabinet containing pocket watch, thermometer, plastic and rubber balls, baseball, plastic persimmon, Liberty statuette, wood puzzle, toothbrushes, bottle caps, house number, plastic worm, pocket mirror, light bulbs, keys, hardware, photographs (All Photos By Gail)

The objects in this cabinet beg to be activated and handled. A key member of the Fluxus movement, George Brecht (1926 – 2008) choreographed events; more specifically, he turned objects into events by inviting the visitor’s engagement. Repository’s power relies on the strong stimulative nature of the items, and it could never be truly finished because the viewer and the event were always changing. Now that the work has entered an institutional context, however, the need to preserve it overrides the call to participation. Thus, the concept of discovery is forestalled by museum practice, leaving the eventfulness of Repository unfulfilled. Continue reading Modern Art Monday Presents: George Brecht, Repository

Christmas Things That Are Merry and Bright: Midtown, Manhattan

Radio City Tree and Marquee
Radio City Music Hall (All Photos By Gail)

On the Saturday that fell over the Thanksgiving long weekend, Geoffrey and I had the bright idea that it would be a fine time to visit the Museum of Modern Art. By 2 or 3 in the afternoon, we felt sure that the crowds would have thinned out and we could just slip through the line and see some rad art. HAHA, how funny to have thought that, as we quickly discovered that the place was ridiculously mobbed and the lines were so endlessly long, that we had no choice but to bail on the idea of seeing any art that day. However, we decided to at least “take advantage” of the fact that we were actually in midtown, and perhaps do some window shopping and a bit of sightseeing. Continue reading Christmas Things That Are Merry and Bright: Midtown, Manhattan

Pink Thing of The Day: High Bounce Pinky

High Bounce Pinky
Photo by Me

Photo taken on a visit to Greystone Gardens, a really cool shop in the Berkshires!

Recommended Beverage: Balls Vodka

Balls Vodka Label

I was out Vodka shopping this past Friday night after work and a representative of Balls Vodka (yes, that is what it’s called) happened to be giving out free tastes of this product at my local liquor store. Let me tell you, I know my Vodka, and this stuff is so smooth you can actually drink it straight without making “That Face.” A one liter bottle costs $19.99. Balls Vodka is now the Official Vodka of Worleygig.com!

Arancini Bros. Rice Balls: A Tasty Treat!

They’ve Got Balls  

As Geoffrey and I left the Factory Fresh Gallery and set off to explore the neighborhood, I felt a bit peckish. We didn’t have to walk very far before we found a place to grab a snack just a few blocks up the road from the gallery, where we spotted Arancini Bros, a tiny storefront that sells Rice Balls exclusively. Continue reading Arancini Bros. Rice Balls: A Tasty Treat!