Chicken Wing Cupcake

Buffalo Chicken Wing On Top of a Cupcake
“Put A Wing On It”

According to Neatorama, this is the snack everyone will be eating during the Super Bowl next week, or whenever it is. Football is not my thing, but if you have a Super Bowl party and make these Chicken Wing Cupcakes, I will come to your house and eat them with you.

3 thoughts on “Chicken Wing Cupcake”

  1. Finger foods are the best part about football. That said, I watched football for the first time last week – ate a shit load, got hammered, and then let my fiance drive me home. Haha! I’ve seen this link before and they look GREAT. I’d eat it.

  2. I’m thinking a savory, almost “biscuitesque” type cupcake, with maybe some shredded carrot and celery, and hot sauce in it, and then a blue cheese based icing, topped with a classic buffalo wing. Yeah, I could eat that.
    Well, I could eat it after I get to my goal.

  3. I went and found their actual recipe for this. It sounds good, but I’m gonna have to work my culinary mojo on this and tweak it a little. In addition, I’ll also have to deal with the inevitable variations my semi-warped mind will undoubtedly will come up with.

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