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Ridiculous Super Bowl Party Dessert: The Snickers Cheeseball

Okay, I admit that the idea of a Snickers Cheeseball is kind of, well, gross, until you see what goes into it, and how super easy it is to make. And then, it gets kind of exciting don’t you think? Also, I bet it tastes delicious. If you end up making this for your Super Bowl party, or whatever, leave me a comment and tell me how it came out.

Snickers Cheeseball

Thanks to Delish for the Tip!

How Much I Care About the Super Bowl

Care O Meter

I Hope it Snows.

Bacon Thing of The Day: Tempura Bacon!

Tempura Fried Bacon Strips

Make these babies for your Super Bowl Party using the recipe below:

Recipe for Tempura Bacon

Chicken Wing Cupcake

Buffalo Chicken Wing On Top of a Cupcake
Put A Wing On It

According to Neatorama, this is the snack everyone will be eating during the Super Bowl next week, or whenever it is. Football is not my thing, but if you have a Super Bowl party and make these Chicken Wing Cupcakes, I will come to your house and eat them with you.