Yes, It Exists: The Crazy Cat Lady Game

Crazy Cat Lady Game
“Go Cat Crazy!”

Pictured above, we see my lovely friend Ivy posing with a board game called The Crazy Cat Lady Game. Said game is yet another genius item we found at Greystone Gardens during Berkshires Adventure Weekend 2012. We do not know the exact rules of the game, but we are pretty sure that possession of at least a dozen cats is a prerequisite.

Update, September 12, 2022: The below photo was snapped by me when I saw that this game had been “put out on the curb” as a freebie for whoever might want it. As you can see, the box design is updated, but the model from the box above is clearly identifiable as the second woman from the left! Still crazy after all these years . . .

crazy cat lady game photo by gail worley
All Photos By Gail

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