Top Ten Things I Learned from Hurricane Sandy

Sandy Mercedes Mail Box
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Your Neighbors are looking out for you, even if you think they don’t know who you are.

Keep Your Mobile Devices Charged to Maximum Power at all times.

Eat Everything in your freezer and all of your perishable food before the storm hits.

When the power goes out, unplug your Refrigerator.

Buy D-cell Batteries at least a few days in advance.

There is no such thing as having too many Candles on hand.

The DVR is not recording your scheduled shows if there is no power.

In the battle of Black Clothing Versus Cat Hair, Cat Hair will win every time

The pleasure derived from being able to take a Hot Shower cannot be overestimated.

Friends you’ve know for over 10 years but whom you’ve never hung out with for more than a few hours at a time will let you sleep on their couch and feed you for a week.

4 thoughts on “Top Ten Things I Learned from Hurricane Sandy”

  1. As a Floridian who has lived through many similar storms, I must say Gail, your list hit home and is spot-on indeed. I’m glad that you survived it, kid. You’re a superstar!


  2. A year ago today, I was making final calls to our wedding vendors…in the dark with no power. We weren’t even sure if any of them were open/alive/had power/were showing up to our wedding. Haha.

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