Critical Condition Group Show at Jim Kempner Fine Art

Kempner Exit7 78 Bob Seng
Exit 778 By Bob Seng (All Photos By Gail)

In addition to new works by Carol A. Feuerman, Jim Kempner Fine Art also has a small group show on its lower level featuring works by four contemporary artists: GILF, Bob Seng, Adam Taye and Robert Attanasio (who curated the show).

Kempner GILF Naked Emperors
GILF, Children of a Wiser Day (2013)

I like this one, because I often feel the same way.

Kempner Pink Slip Tape
Above Painting By Robert Attanasio

Critical Condition Runs through July 13th, 2013 at Jim Kempner Fine Art, located at 501 West 23rd Street, on the Northwest corner of 23rd Street and Tenth Avenue in the Chelsea Gallery District, NYC.

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